we share coz we care.....


Yeah, face the reality babe...
That's what my mind keep on saying throughout the day...
Hard to believe it, i know i have put a thrust on someone,
but it was too hard...
Am i afraid of my self??
Actually, i was afraid to loose that someone...
I admit it.
I _ _ _ _ the someone..
but, can the someone accept me??
i knew i was wrong for making this
coz i had already know, the upcoming result for my action :-(
Is this the action of desperation, or i just want to get attention???
Plus, action speaks louder than words,,
i never faced those things we both had, and indeed, i am appriciated it so much.
That's why i really-deeply wanna know, how deep it was your feeling towards me...
i dont want to hurt you if i take any further movement coz, hello
my journey has begin...
so, please,
help me

another piece of mind


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