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Haha, today i was enjoying myself...
with my family...PAINTING THE HOUSE!!!
(^ like the picture above. Tapi sure3 lah x serupe camtu...XD)
Haha, lawak giler
My younger brother accidently tertumpahkan the paint..
my father...MENGAMUKLAH
seb baek the AKAK here SAVES the day!!!
then, my mom balek (oh yeah, she was the only one yang x de even Blackie pon ade)
the most exciting part..
kteorang bwat cam Eric tuh...
(hehe, nyorok kt pintu, then kuar lus jerit 'SUPRIES'* cam salah eja...=,=")
my mom...well...penat agaknyer...cam bwat x sperti yg ktorng expect...
x per ar...paham...coz later on she gonna go to MELAKA.
So, it end up, ntah la
at least
today what i get were..
-spending more time with my father...
-produce lot of sweat...ala ala excersise
-rumah da cantek sket coz ade lagi touch up
-get rid of my terribly-missing-him so much in my heart for a while
like you had said before, 'enjoy while you are away'
yeah, i tried all my best to ENJOY


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