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So my family just got a new Wii Balance Board, see?
And now everyone's using it for a certain (sometimes) mundane activity that is necessary in life, yet rarely done by a majority of people: EXERCISE.
Yes, the new object so closely resembling a white, high-tech plank has managed to pique the interest of my entire family, including my little sisters, who don't really weigh enough to be detected by the sensors, but go ahead and jump on it anyway.
It (the box anyway) came from Korea, complete with Korean instructions, as well as a Chinese Wii Fit Plus game. Hooray for Asians!

Also got Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers and Metroid: Other M games for the Wii!

So, besides the board and the games, me n' my family haven't been doing much.

Don't forget to check out my dad's Youtube channel (meorwz) for new vids!


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