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Alright. Many, many things related with that one little sentence up there.

Numero 1: The autocratic rulers that govern the crumbling kingdom of HighSchool are getting ever more abusive. Death toll: Confirmed, 24, numbers continue to rise as search-and-rescue teams dig up remains of war victims around HighSchool

Numero 2: The much-abused Orchestra division of the Band elite army continue to suffer greatly as not only their enemies, but their governing leaders continue to put the pressure on. Recently, pleas for permission for a fort to be built has been rejected, and soldiers continue to die needlessly.

Numero 3: Crippling injuries have been reported at base recently.

Numero 4: Due to 'neccessary' intensive training, the seniors and war veterans of the Orchestra division are leaving the field, leaving behind only its general and lieutenant, along with the fresh recruits and junior troops.

For more details, pop over to our Tumblr page.... in case any of us still live to update it.

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