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Assalamualaikum <3
Hehe, seyezly lame giler x blogging..almaklum busy sesgt *tgn ke dada mata ke atas*...
Alhamdulillah..based on Aina's "KEREPEK ENTRY" yup, i gonna fly off soon.
banyak giler bende yang terlepas nak tulis kat sini yang mmg hope giler dapat share ngn korang. Last post bout my life in UTM.
I am not going to talk bout my farewell now...coz insyaallah sempat lagi nak post pasal tuhhh...*dh entry post pon tajuk dier almost farewell kannnn :)* hehe
Life in INTEC...frankly speaking ....SWEET and full with unexpected suprises. Today you might be a nobody but maybe a next few day you'll become  a somebody. Here I got my friends from my old school and not to forget super2 old..*sekolah rendah je pown nk old sgt pown*tapi excited lah gak jumpe dowang. hehe
They are awesome. magnifique!! but of coz there are still lack of this and that, which still can be accepted coz nobody's perfect.
my classmates...*according to namelists :P* Mira, Zara, Yani, Farah, Syika and Kiki are wonderful though i was a bit dissapointed when i was placed in a class with 100% girls like in STF...but that was before i knew them!! Later on, they are like sisters to me. Luv u alls!!
Lecturers, so 1 MALAYSIA!!! Madame Das, she's Indian...Madame Lee sah..chinese...and our ustaz Rahman...yeah malay. :D
k2, stop ckp pasal bende luar dr diri. how bout me??
Not much...act a lot!! tapi tetibe malu nak citer *sile tampar diri sendiri*
Kat sini, Yan rase agak matang dari dulu but i am still BRONT!! the way matang is like the way i think *mungkin* dress anyone??? ...
erm,,actually klu citer perubahan, mungkin x ketara bagi org yg dah lame kenal yan sebab mmg bile ngn korang Yan rase jadi perangai lame balik! So, Allah je lah yg tahu yan berubah tang mane yerk..
rite, after mambling so much *bukan ni pon yg yan nak mainkan* maaf
 jgn lah marahh..bace lagi eak <3

Tak sampai sebulan kot Yan nak tinggalkan Malaysia..It's hard to leave everything behind but yeah, this is my responsibility and i hope kalian dapat doakan perjalanan ini. Bukan untuk diri Yan but also for u guys. May our friendship last till Jannah. Insyaallah. Tiada persahabatan tanpa dugaan, tapi yang pasti dugaan yg datang kekal menjadi memori yang membuatkan kita tabah menjalani kehidupan. Ingat, susah senang bersama.if ada rezeki, kita akan berjumpa lagi. Thanks for always be there for me, helping me in each and every corner of difficulities we had before. cheer me up when i was down and having happiness in each moment we had. How greatfull i am to have these people around me :) till then, meet you in the next post. Au revoir!!



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