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 Holaa!!I've just cooked my very own version of yong tau foo this evening.Here are some 'irresistible' pics..haha


Thanks to Khairi for the idea..,haha,actually ini projek sebab dah terlampau banyak sangat masa lapang sampai tak tau nak buat apa.So I came up with this dish and grabbed my cam for the food photoraphy.It may not be the best pics but I think these pics just nice(lol,masuk bakul,angkat sendiri).

Cara nak membuatnya sangat senang.Tak payah bukak mana-mana buku resipi.All we need is chicken soup..any soup will do too.(haha,tatau and tak sure)and different kinds of tofu,and leafy vegetables.Campur semua dan voila!

The night before,I've made this

First time try buat sambil mak tolong sikit.Boleh tahanla..tp next time nak try buat yang Meng Monera's version plak:)


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