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He gave humans two, in fact: one left brain, one right brain. One to handle logic, and another to deal with emotion.
Then He gave humans something other animals did not possess: wit, otherwise known as 'akal'.

Let us ponder this fact for a while. No other animal on Earth has such a thing, this wit. Wit is not "intelligence" - I'm sure you'll agree that birds who can make tools, monkeys who can learn sign language, and dugongs who can blow bubbles in the shape of rings are intelligent. Wit does not mean "emotion", either - cats can feel fear too, as you threaten them with your boot. Wit is an amazing thing - it is our conscience, our logic, our inventiveness. It is what drives the human race to be much more advanced than other animals, what helps the human race acquire civilization.
Question is, why us humans? Why not gorillas, who are much stronger and just as capable as humans in decision-making? Why us, the human race, with our naked skin and soft flesh and laughable teeth and 'claws'? We could easily be bested by other species, given the fact that we have such little protection, not even tough skin or sharper teeth.

When you think about it, there are a lot more other species more worthy of acquiring this wit instead of us. Because, without it, we would already be extinct.

Surely Allah gave us wit for a reason. He wants us to use it. He even gave us the responsibility of being leaders to all other species, of caring  for the Earth. Well, that's quite a big planet, if you ask me; and caring for it is a big responsibility.

Let's come to the present. Mankind invented the Internet, this magical thing that disseminates information like crazy. People from opposite ends of the Earth can reach each other without a problem. Everyone can share whatever they feel like sharing - thoughts, ideas, facts, outbursts, and so on. Stuff that other animals can never even dream of doing.
Pretty amazing, huh?
But there's danger there. Such free trade of ideas can become misleading. Ideas and fact blend together, and pretty soon it gets hard to differentiate what is real and what is not. The loudest people on the Internet become the most influential, even though there are millions others who are far more intelligent and more worthy of being followed, and who are ignored because they do not have a voice as strong. And every lie they spread, every misconception, every false truth, is gobbled up and taken wholeheartedly by those who keep up with these noisy people.

Enter the Information Age. Advances in technology are now being made solely to improve communications on a global scale. Typing on your phone becomes as easy as talking to someone else. You're cool if you know the latest trending videos on YouTube, and you're weird if you still primarily listen to the radio. 'Fitting In' online becomes a desirable thing, something that every person strives for, something so important it starts to replace personal, face-to-face relationships and interaction. And again, the best way to be recognized is to follow the strongest voice you find, even if that voice speaks of lies.

So where are we going with this? You may ask. What does this have to do with anything?

In the light of the spreading of what I call "collective consciousness", I find myself increasingly irritated with the horde of people who just follow what their 'leaders' say, without question, without thinking for themselves. If they support this guy, for example, everything he does is right, and anyone who doesn't think so is lambasted with insults. It's not good for the very human trait that is tolerance, regardless of differences (no, I don't think any animal would accept a member of their kind who has an extra eye, thank you). It's also not good for your brain - because all you're doing is following, none of the two hemispheres of the brain are functioning very much. In fact, I bet it's only the impulsive part of the brain that is activated at all.

What happened to wit?

As I said, Allah gave us wit for a reason, and the reason is for us to use it. There is a reason why He gave us the capacity to form our own personalities, our own opinions, our own values on what we believe is right or wrong. He gave us two sides of our brain so that when we make decisions, we can take into account the logical, 'best' way to make them, and also how we feel about what we are about to do. Pair that with wit, and you've got a being who can make important moral decisions that may possibly impact the way that being lives. And that's what allows humans the strength and capacity to be responsible for planet Earth.

All I'm saying is that every person should remember that Allah gave us all wit for us ALL to use. We should make our OWN decisions, instead of blindly following the crowd. And in making those decisions, we shouldn't rely on just the emotional side of the brain, or just the logical side; in order to make an effective decision, we should use both. Just because something angers you doesn't mean it's wrong, and just because something breaks the law, it doesn't mean it's unmoral.

Before you make your decisions, stop for a while and think. Find out (by yourself!) the truth, the WHOLE truth, from unbiased and clear-cut sources, not the truth as shown through the lens of another individual/group. With what you know, weigh it against your wit and your values, and find out what you feel based on what you have found. Once you've found the whole truth, you might find that killing a cat isn't so wrath-inducing to you anymore; once you know that the cat was ailing and in pain, and it had no family to go to or no way to get better. Still, you might think it is wrong to take a life. And that's perfectly fine - that's your OWN value after all. Some people have different values, and they might think differently.

Just because your decision is unpopular, it doesn't make it wrong. You have your own thought processes, your own values, your own way of looking at things. Never, NEVER undermine your own decisions solely on the basis of what other people think - but at the same time, be open as possible to others' takes on what you view. Never let YOUR voice be drowned in the voice of collective consciousness if you believe you are in the right. But at the same time, do your OWN research and come to your OWN conclusions. Know all the facts before weighing your values and feelings towards something, and never let anything else influence your view on what you know to be the truth.

Long story short, study before you make a decision, and stick to it if you know you're right, even if people disagree. We are all born with wit, and we ALL have the right to use it.

Hikari Naito


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