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Salam, tak sangker dapat gak up date blog... Thanks to alisa, bagos giler gadget nowaays coz you can online-anywhere and everywhere you want....hehe ,so, here i am, fightong with other fivers. To achieve the only one. Success!!!! Agak terharu gak coz bile da di penghujung sekolah ni, baru kita tau di sekeliling kite ni sape yng kawan dan siape yang lawan. Yang penting, sepanjang 5 tahun mengharungi hidup bersama, kita x pernah kenal erti give up!!!! Thanks to our supporters, parents, teachers, families and friends for always believe in us!!! May allah bless u all!!!! Special to my bro, thx for making my chapter of life full with enjoyment and happiness! Love u always:-)


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